Objects of stories and memories ...

For an ethical, sustainable and responsible decoration!

Why give objects a second life?

Each year, 3.6 million tonnes of bulky items are left on the sidewalks IN FRANCE !!!!

We throw away faster and faster because we overconsume. Let's change our behavior: LET'S REPAIR and INTEGRATE "UP CYCLING"!


The objects are the reflections of our soul, they tell who we are and accompany us in our joys and our sorrows ...

The little treasures of our grandparents are witnesses to know-how which gradually fades away in favor of ephemeral productions, often of "questionable" quality and made far from our sweet France and far too often (still) by toddlers ...

Giving objects a new chance means: CONSUMING BETTER, but it is also the pleasure of finding the unique object that will enhance your interiors.

A pleasure object often much more affordable than "vintage nickname"!